Create Better Science

I am Kristian, a freelance trainer and bioinformatician. I teach life scientists, write code and lead people.

This is my book of recipes

  • Python

    Developing big and small programs in the Python language.

  • Data Analysis

    Tools & Techniques from Excel to Big Data.

  • Leadership

    Take responsibility, support and motivate a team.

  • Project Management

    Structure your project into achievable goals and reach them.

  • Presenting

    Develop a clear message and communicate it with confidence.

  • Teaching

    Spice up your lectures and prepare interactive workshops.


Dr. Kristian Rother

I am a Berlin based Python developer, trainer and speaker. Married man and father of three wonderful children

Contact me via:
+49 176 3052 4691


I felt that the course was well-planned to meet the needs of the group.

(B. Dharmalingam, GGL Giessen)

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