Python 3 Basics Tutorial

This is a tutorial for novice programmers. You are the learner I had in mind when writing this tutorial if:

  • you have worked a little with a different programming language like R, MATLAB or C.
  • you have no programming experience at all
  • you know Python well and would like to teach others

This tutorial works best if you follow the chapters and exercises step by step.


The main goal of this tutorial is to enable you to write Python projects with up to 100 lines. Here you find a detailed syllabus:

First Steps

Python as a Calculator





Conditional Loops




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I would like to thank the following people for inspiring exchange on training an d Python that this tutorial has benefited from: Pedro Fernandes, Tomasz Puton, E dward Jenkins, Bernard Szlachta, Robert Lehmann and Magdalena Rother

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That was one of the best lectures in my whole life. Great experience that can be used in our future life.

Jakub T., UAM Poznan

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