Academis Courses in 2018

  • First Steps in Python

    Writing your own programs, data structures, control flow, reading and writing files, functions, debugging.

  • Data Analysis with pandas

    Working with DataFrames, indexing, data wrangling, aggregation, using Jupyter notebooks, plotting.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

    Fundamentals, supervised learning with scikit-learn, clustering, neural networks with TensorFlow.

  • Advanced Python

    Decorators, Context Managers, Generators, handling Exceptions, OOP in Python, Type Annotations.

  • Python Best Practices

    Debugging, Testing and Maintenance, including virtual environments, linting, packageing and documentation with Sphinx

  • Software Engineering

    Development processes, requirements, software architecture, Design Patterns, verification and validation, version control.

  • Python for Biologists

    Handling DNA- and protein sequences with Biopython, working with 3D structures, calculating phylogenetic trees and more.

  • I am happy to customize course content and duration to your needs.
    You can choose the training language among English, German or Polish.

Dr. Kristian Rother

I am a professional Python trainer, developer and author based in Berlin. I believe everybody can learn programming.

Contact me via:
+49 176 3052 4691

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