In diesem Kapitel lernst Du:

Bereich Thema
💼 Text verschlüsseln
💡 Strings indizieren
💡 Dictionaries definieren
💡 Dictionaries indizieren
💡 Die Funktion zip() verwenden
🐞 Semantische Fehler erkennen

Wiederholung: Syntax Error

  • which of the following result in a SyntaxError?
  • omit an opening bracket ([{
  • omit a closing bracket )]}
  • dont close a quoted string
  • write a float with a , instead of a .
  • use true instead of True
  • forget a , in a list
  • forget a +
  • swap += for =+
  • not indent

Dr. Kristian Rother

I am a professional Python trainer, developer and author based in Berlin. I believe everybody can learn programming.

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I want to really thank you! I got a lot of very nice compliments, such as: "Well done, I had a lot of fun". And people were smiling during the talk!!!

Allegra Via, Sapienza University Rome

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