You successfully explained a complicated software in the easiest way possible. Very good approach! After five short days I feel I have learned a lot and can continue! Thank you!
(Nasrin H, Freie Universität Berlin)

BTW students were really impressed by my storytelling skills I demonstrated in class impromptu and was applausing at the end of the class... its all because of your excellent teaching, thank you!!
(Kevin Wong, Data Scientist)

A few weeks ago I met one of the participants of your workshop in the corridor with an impressive Kanban table. Clearly you’ve made an impact on his work style:). More examples including myself have also been seen:).
(W. Potrzebowski, Lund, Sweden)

Your tips helped me a lot with designing the workshop and then to make it run smoothly!
(Joanna Kasprzak, UAM Poznan)

Thanks to your tips my speech was a success! A couple of people laughed, my parents were happy, and I was relieved.
(P. Petersen, Berlin)

All participants (and I) agreed that you gave an excellent training. Thank you !
(Janick Mathys, VIB Belgium)

I have started writing a post-doc grant proposal for the DAAD post-doc programme using the skills I learned from the grant proposal workshop and I find the workshop to be very helpful.
(Mecha Ezekiel, GGL Giessen)

Thanks to Kristians tips for structuring difficult topics I could overcome my writers' block. The training session was a big help! Thanks!
(Sarah M, Archaeology dept., FU Berlin)

That was one of the best lectures in my whole life. Great experience that can be used in our future life.
(Jakub T., UAM Poznan)

I want to really thank you! I got a lot of very nice compliments, such as: "Well done, I had a lot of fun". And people were smiling during the talk!!!
(Allegra Via, Sapienza University Rome)

Thanks, everybody. Without your support... there would be no Spectacular Speaking...
(Jerzy Zientkowski, Speakerslair)

On the talk managed by @k_rother - awesome :) #rupy really inspiring

I would call it a talent to take the audience with you.
(Jakub M., UAM Poznan)

I was very impressed by the quality of teaching.
(Agnieszka T., UAM Poznan)

I felt that the course was well-planned to meet the needs of the group.
(B. Dharmalingam, GGL Giessen)

Dr. Kristian Rother

I am a professional Python trainer, developer and author based in Berlin. I believe everybody can learn programming.

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