Graphics with NumPy

In this tutorial you find NumPy exercises that create images.

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It is meant as a gentle introduction to NumPy. It assumes that you have made your first steps with Python already. To get the best out of it, put it into practice immediately:

paint things – create art – have fun!


If you are using the Anaconda distribution, you should have all necessary libraries already.

Otherwise, download or clone the git repository and install the libraries using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Next, try the examples and challenges.

First Steps

Example Topic
Grayscale Create a grayscale image
Color Create a RGB image
Random Blur Create random pixels
Flags Slicing
Repeat Repeating tiles

Elementary Geometry

Example Topic
Stars Indexing
Lines Arithmetics
Gradient Linear space
Triangles Matrix operations
Circles Euclidean Distances
Mask Indexing

Machine Learning

Example Topic
K-Means Clustering
Decision Tree Color prediction
Convolution CNN kernel
Monte Carlo Sampling


Example Topic
Rotation Rotation figure
Shadow shadow using a mask
Warhol Color channels
Puzzle vstack and hstack
Contour Lines Gaussian Mixture
Edge Detection Sobel Operator
Mandelbrot Recursive graphics
Hexpanda Hexbin plot
Vortex Animation

More Generative Artists


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The Brandenburg Gate image is by Thomas Wolf, / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

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