Python Testing Tutorial

This tutorial helps you to learn automated testing in Python 3 using the pytest framework.

Moby Dick

Goal: Count Words in Moby Dick

Captain Ahab was vicious because Moby Dick, the white whale, had bitten off his leg. So the captain set sail for a hunt. For months he was searching the sea for the white whale. The captain finally attacked the whale with a harpoon. Unimpressed, the whale devoured captain, crew and ship. The whale won.

tick marks while counting words

Herman Melville's book “Moby Dick” describes the epic fight between the captain of a whaling ship and a whale. In the book, the whale wins by eating most of the other characters. But does he also win by being mentioned more often?

In this course, you will test a program that is counting words in Melville's book.


clone the repository:

git clone

install pytest:

pip install pytest





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BTW students were really impressed by my storytelling skills I demonstrated in class impromptu and was applausing at the end of the class... its all because of your excellent teaching, thank you!!

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