Speech Projects

What are these speech projects good for?

This manual contains projects to rehearse public speaking, meeting facilitation and other communication skills. The projects include speech assignments, exercises and blueprints for workshops.

How to use the material?

  1. Find a supportive environment to speak, e.g. a course or a speaking club meeting.
  2. Give the speech for one of the projects.
  3. Collect feedback by someone who has read the project description.

The Projects

Easy Speech Projects

Speaking Basics

Meeting Facilitation

Speech Projects for Data Scientists




Jörg Würster, Barbara Strauß, Harald von Treuenfels, Jasmin Touati, Raimo Graf, Sascha Goldmann, Schorsch Tschürtz, Armando Cristofori, Barbara Bosch, Magdalena Rother, Ulrike Münzner and Kristian Rother. Edited by Kristian Rother.


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